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Pirate Treasure: Sale on the big ship until you find the Pirate Treasure. Collect bonuses on your way. After 6 levels you will get a chance to submit your score and check who's the best pirate in the world. Beware of rocks and vortexes. Collect coins and power-ups. Great adventure and physics game.
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Game tags: boat
game stats:

plays: 4864
votes: 2
liked: 50%
added: 31 Oct 2012

Pirate Treasure is an adventure and physics multilevel game featuring sailing ship on a gold quest. On a 6 levels journey your task is to steer the boat by creating deflection walls. You click and drag the mouse to create the wall. Once the boat hits the wall it will bounce back or change the direction depending on the incoming angle. Basically this simple geometry is what makes this game sort of a physics game.

You can collect coins or power-ups as you travel. Each coin brings additional 100 points. Power-ups are displayed on the right-hand sidebar. You can activate them by pressing appropriate number on your keyboard: 1,2,3,4. There are 4 power-ups at maximum. Number 1 is reserved for deflection wall, but you can activate ship jumping (jumping platform) or you can speed up the ship (the mast). You may want to use these features in cases such as to speed up the boat if your time is running out, or to jump over the rocks or vortex. Anchor is used to set your location. When you activate this feature, you can place the anchor at the desired location and the sheep will steer right to it.

So, what is the objective of the game? Objective is to complete all 6 levels as soon as possible with the maximum points earned. You complete each level by reaching the chest with treasures within 30 seconds. If you see you're about to break the time limit, since you will definitely fail the level, we suggest you use retry button on right upper corner of the screen. That one will bring you at the beginning of the level.

Final the 6th level is not the hardest one. Since you got here your skills are proven and you are ready for final cruise. Still, there are several vortexes and dangerous rocks you need to avoid and the prize will be yours. Once you complete the level you will be offered to submit your score to mochi leader board where you can see the best results this week, last month and the overall score of all times.

If you like the game, feel free to like us on your Facebook or Twitter page. You can also leave facebook comment about the game which is available on the Game Page If you are a webmaster or you operate a blog, you are welcome to download and freely distribute the game as you like. Show it to your friends, make your blog more interesting by offering this fun, challenging and competitive game to your friends. You can freely download the game for your website page.

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