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Palomilla Hunter: Palomilla Hunter is a defense shooter in which you defend antique city from the little devilish kids called palomillas. They come in waves just like any other defense game and you must react quicly or they will completely ruin your town with their little hammers, percent by percent. Luckely you may borrow the power of the Sun in a form of strong deadly rays which destroy almost everything instantly. Game is full of surprises, funny characters and excellent graphic animations prevails. There are 4 levels + the last 5th one which is just for scoring the bonus. If you are an avid player we suggest you start in hard mode immediately. The hardest thing is to kill the boss. He seems to be unbeatable and you must find his weak spot. For instance, you kill the blue boss simply by shooting at the twisters he fires up around him. Once you take care of Boss, you may continue to the next level.
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Game tags: defense, adventure
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added: 6 Jul 2013
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