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Nuke Train: You drive the train of the future which is heavily armed with all kinds of weapons and even has a special one... the nuke. Transport has become very dangerous business in the future and aliens are attacking everything that moves down on our planet. That is the reason for all that armor and weapons we carry. Shoot at incoming aliens and destroy every last one of them and when they come in swarms use the nuke. It will recharge for a while and then you can use it again. Every time you complete your journey in one piece you earn money which you can then use to upgrade your weapons and buy additional cars. Z and X keys are used to move forward and backward. The train does the shooting from main weapons bu itself so just use your mouse to aim at enemies. But the nuke is under your control and you can detonate by pressing the space bar.
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Game tags: train
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added: 29 Apr 2013
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