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Free Online Games
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Free games for your website


    Description: Player controls a planetary rover and must collect the required amount of minerals to activate the antenna space defense. A new action game from The planetary rover is under attack from UFOs and a falling meteors.
    Tags: star, looter, planet, buggy, ufo, meteor, space, rover, moon

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    Cosmic Invaders

    Description: Cosmic invaders is a simplified remake of Space Invaders with improved graphics and nice atmospehere coming from You control a tank tying to prevent alien invasion on Earth. Your task is to destroy all flying sarcers with a laser beam before they blow up your tank. Instructions: Use arrow keys move left and right. Space to fire missile.
    Tags: tank,action,war,space,alien,invasion,shooting

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    Long Short Plus

    Description: Use the pad to keep at least one ball in the game. Don't get distracted by fireworks and multiple balls. Hit the ball and make it bounce but don't let it get away.
    Tags: skill, physics, action, shooting, ball

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    Pirate Treasure

    Description: Direct your ship by drawing lines. Collect coins and power-ups while searching for a chest. Your mission is to complete all 6 levels to find out who is the best pirate in the world.
    Tags: adventure, skill, physics

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    Read detailed game instructions here.


    Bobbie Jumper

    Description: A boy named Bobby wants to take a look at the cosmos. After dressing up the suit, he decided to get to up jumping on and off the clouds.
    Tags: adventure,skill,space,bounce,action

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    Water Blaster

    Description: The game is played with the mouse for controlling the paddle's location. Left mouse click to release the ball. The paddle is floating on top of water, the bricks are water filled balloons. Each time the ball pops a balloon the water in it spills to the water on the bottom and raise it and the paddle too
    Tags: break,breakout,ball,brick,bonus,water,blast,color

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    Journey To Construction Yard

    Description: This game is about a bunch of hooligans trespassed into private construction yard, which is guarded by workers on day watch. Only one boy was left behind and he's trying to find the way out. Let yourself into 7 level long stickman adventure game and try to find your way out of the yard. Solve tricky tasks, watch out from dangerous passages and obstacles and follow clues on your way. Instructions: Arrow keys to move, X to jump.
    Tags: adventure, skill, action

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    UFO Like Cows

    Description: UFO like cows is a skill game from where you navigate the flying saucer in a search for cows. Your task is to collect all the cows from the ground by using magnetic ray. Beware of bricks and stones which if picked up can permanently damage the ship. Instructions: Arrow keys to move left and right.
    Tags: ufo, aliens, skill

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    Crazy Monkey Payback

    Description: Crazy Monkey Payback is a monkey skill game where you help a little monkey to hit as many people with a banana peel as possible. There's a minimum of hits per level that you must archive within limited time of 60 seconds. If you fail, you will need to reply the level. Humans will start showing up on windows randomly. You need to make moving lines stop and intersect exactly on human figure in order to make a successful hit. Game is created and published by It's monkey's turn now and It's payback time.
    Tags: monkey,skill,shooting

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    Fluffies POP POP POP

    Description: Fluffies POP POP POP is a balloon popping and shooting game from Bunny armed with a dart gun is popping bloons and collecting points and rewards.
    Tags: bunny,rabbit,darts,shooting,skill,balloons

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    Manki Danki

    Description: Manki Danki is a monkey skill-based shooting game. You control two monkeys hanging on lianas armed with bombs. Your task is to help moenkys throw bombs and bring down all bananas. Fun multilevel monkey game.
    Tags: shooting,monkey,banana,skill,kids

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    Kitty Up

    Description: Kitty Up is a cat adventure game about a little kitty who started her journey in a balloon. Collect the balloons as much as you can to fly higher. And avoid the bombs because they'll blow up your ballons.
    Tags: shooting,adventure,kitty,skill,kids,cats,balloon

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