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Buccaneer!: Buccaneer is an RPG adventure game with multiple endings. It is a pirate adventure quest for lost treasure in which you follow the map and roams the sees. On your way you will face horrible sea monsters (kraken) you will actually fight with. How to Play: Click on one of the seas, Scarlet sea or Shipwreck shores to fight enemy ships and sea monsters. You can track nice statistics details such as hull, number of crew members, overall morale and reputation, weeks remaining and so on. There's also a screen for cargo which shows how many treeasure chests you dug out, and how many treasure maps you collected so far and the whole inventory including pistols, parrots, monkeys gemstones and everything on the ship. By playing the game you earn trophies: SQUIDSLAYER, IMMORTAL, CITY OF GOLD and others. 6 trophies in total.
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Game tags: adventure, boat
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added: 14 Jul 2013
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