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Lazerman: As a product of a top-secret military experiment, our hero's body has been completely detached from the body. Fully aware of this situation, our superhero is trying to leave the underground facility and he admitted himself into a quest to regain his body. Armed only with a propulsion power, he is uncontrollably rushing through the secret labs, smashing things and people on his way. All you need to do is to click and hold the mouse. The Lazerman will move rapidly bouncing off the laboratory walls. Click once to launch yourself. On the first level you need to collect 125 wrench boxes before you reach the exit to regain body. At the end of each level, you will be presented the level statistics: enemies killed, objects destroyed, health bonuses, highest combo, overall time spent and the total score. Some of the achievements: First blood, rage, killer, fear, concrete man, glass man and many more. Don't just rush towards the exit as it won't get opened unless you collect enough wrench boxes.
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Game tags: cartoon
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added: 8 Apr 2013
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