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Happy Wheels: Happy Wheels is one of the most popular physics game made by Jim Bonacci back in 2011. According to google keyword tool, there are over 5 million searches each month. This is co called demo version, i.e. happy Wheels demo. It is a limited edition with limited number of characters as well as the tracks you can play on. If you want to play full version you need to go to Total Jerkface site as they are official sponsors of the game. The game is highly commercialized of course, and you will even be offered to buy a T-shirt with Happy Wheels logo from Newgrounds website. Now, let's focus on a gameplay a bit. Your task is to get the character from the start to the end of the track. You can pick between a guy on a segway, an old man in a wheel chair, and a mother on a bike. In a full version you will meet more characters: married couple, Santana and others. The game has recognizable physics engine and user can create his own levels and characters in level editor. I can't wait to see this game ported on iPhone or Happy Wheels on Android. It would be also great to play Happy Wheels on XBOX or PS3.
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added: 5 Apr 2013
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