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Bobbie Jumper: A boy named Bobby wants to become a cosmonaut and take a look at the cosmos. Jump high as you can. Compete the others and submit your score.
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Game tags: skill
game stats:

plays: 4608
votes: 1
liked: 100%
added: 22 Dec 2012

Bobbie Jumper is a brand new, just out of the making game. The basic story goes something like.... bobbie is a boy who wants to become an astronaut and see the outer space. Since there is no other way for him to get there, he decides to put on an astronauts suit and helmet and to jump from one cloud to the next until he gets so far up that he can see the stars.

This is one of those games where the upper limit doesn't exist and you can go up as high as you want, because, as we all well know, the space is very high up. So, the higher you the get the greater the number of points you win. It is actually a very simple concept. You use right and left arrow keys to navigate Bobbie around and there is nothing more you can do. He does his own jumping but it is all up to you to navigate him to the right spot. If you miss a cloud, you fall down back to the ground and the game is over. You can always start over by pressing the Space bar.

On your way up, there are different clouds and items you can collect. The plain white clouds are nothing special and are most of the time there, but there are also other kinds of clouds and they can do different things for you. If the cloud is not full and looks pale to you avoid it, because that one is not strong enough to support Bobbie and you will fall through. There are also moving clouds which move left and right and that makes it a bit harder to jump on the right spot.

Also you can collect items and coins, which you can later on buy upgrades for. There is a Shop button and through it you get to the upgrades. you can buy springs for 50 coins and they help you jump 10m higher that before, than you can buy a flying hat for 150 coins, which makes you jump 20m higher or for 300 coins you can get rockets and jump 30m higher.

The whole game is very nicely designed. The colors are very soft and bluish just like they would be in a real jumping surroundings. Bobbie is very positive, happy and cute little guy and all features of the game are very meticulously done. The music is very soft and unobtrusive so you won't have to turn it off while you play. but, if you don't find it nice enough you can always urn it off by pressing the mute button in your lower right corner. Every command in this game is nicely positioned and everything is within the eyes grasp. Bobbie Jumper is one of those games you regularly return to or play against a friend to see who can get the better result.

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